Nine Gemstones Identification Program

(Duration : 4 weeks)
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An Overview of what you will learn

Nine Gemstones Identification Program helps you to learn the same time-tested procedures and identification skills used by the institute’s renowned gemological experts. Gain confidence using a microscope, refractometer, polariscope, dichroscope, spectroscope and loupe to identify natural gemstones, imitations and synthetics.

In four week students will identify all major nine gemstones related to Indian astrology.

Program Fees

INR 59,000/-


4 weeks


10th Pass


Surat and Ahmedabad


Certification in Nine Gemstones Identification

Career Pathways from this program

Program Highlights

  • Understanding of 9 gems and astrology
  • Learn the art of gems identification
  • Identify gems quality
  • Pricing of gemstones