Rough Diamond Graduate

(Duration : 12 weeks)
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An Overview of what you will learn

The ISGJ School of Diamond is one of the few institutions to offer comprehensive training in rough diamond grading, evaluation and Identification. Our structured program uses a series of presentations and an emphasis on practical work to help students master the following concepts:

  • How to assess the quality of rough diamonds
  • How to sort and select quality rough diamonds
  • How to calculate and evaluate a rough diamond’s potential yield
  • How to differentiate between natural diamond and it’s many stimulants
  • How to buy and sell rough diamonds
  • Market study & analysis
  • Rough diamond, buying, planning, trading, manufacturing & business management

Our well-equipped classroom and large collection of rough diamonds allows students to apply their new skills with the guidance of our experienced instructors.

The purpose of this course is to provide the students with comprehensive knowledge of rough diamond grading, market study, manual planning & marking, sarin machine operating, galaxy qc, understanding of color and purity in rough.

The various techniques of how to determine the value of rough will be explained. The student will acquire profound orientation in planning and marking of rough diamonds.

Program Fees

INR 88,500/-


12 weeks


10th Pass


Surat and Ahmedabad


Certificate Program in Rough Diamond Graduate

Career Pathways from this program

Program Structure

  • Introduction of diamond world
  • Diamond mines worldwide
  • Different mines
  • Properties of diamonds
  • Formation & mining techniques
  • Identification of rough diamonds from other stimulants
  • Manufacturing process from rough diamond to polished diamond
  • Diamond manufacturing factory visit
  • Internal & external features of diamond
  • Understanding of rough diamond planning and marking
  • Diamond rough identification, characteristics and crystallography (morphology)
  • Grading and sorting of diamonds from small size to solitaire
  • Rough diamond assortment & grading
  • Sarine machine operating system
  • Color grading of rough diamond
  • Different types of colored diamonds
  • Fluorescence in rough diamonds and effect on valuation
  • Use of colorimeter
  • Multiple way planning
  • Planning to improve clarity & color grade
  • Planning & marking for fancy shape diamonds
  • Checking master stones
  • Tension/stress in a diamond
  • Planning for cut, color and clarity
  • Yield estimation from rough to polished diamond
  • Recut planning & marking
  • Use of sarine, lexus and other machines
  • Important factors which effects planning
  • Primary market, secondary market and third tier – where to buy diamonds
  • Unique system to estimate value of rough diamonds
  • Valuations of parcels and single stones
  • Tender stones process
  • Business regulation and ethics
  • Understanding market rules and how to trade
  • Understanding of rough sales cash and credit
  • Customs, import & export process
  • Tender knowledge
  • Develop a business plan and pipeline model
  • Practical examination
  • Diploma awarded
  • Graduation event