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A Diploma or Certificate from the ISGJ College is a door that opens to a wide array of career opportunities from a highly respected, professional school of jewellery, diamond and gemstones that has been in the business of producing the next generation of creative thought leaders.

Our students receive such intensive, demanding training and education that many go on to become highly accomplished professionals within their field. Our former students are represented in the most prestigious jewellery retails showroom, diamond factory and business around the world.

Life-long Connection

Although an education at ISGJ will prepare you for a viable career in the gems & jewellery, your relationship with ISGJ does not end at graduation. You will also have a life-long connection to a school that is committed to keeping you engaged with our campus and your fellow alumni throughout your professional life.

Our goal is to help students reach their maximum potential while at ISGJ, and provide you with the jobs, tools, resources, advice and assistance needed to determine your next step.

From here, you may find your career path by taking advantage of our amazing career services, internships, business partnerships and a vast, diverse and growing network of fellow alumni professionals.



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