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Jewellery Design & Technology (1 Year)
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An Overview of what you will learn

The Jewellery Design & Technology diploma program covers topics essential to becoming a jewellery designer and CAD (computer-aided design) artist, including designing a piece of jewellery from a manual sketch to final jewellery making.

The 12 months program trains an individual to become a jewellery designer by enabling them to acquire the skills and techniques behind the art of design jewellery. This diploma course is recommended for anyone who wants to be a perfect jewellery designer or an individual who is interested in joining the business of jeweler. It offers a launch pad for creative minds to learn new skills and techniques in the highly exciting and creative field of gems & jewellery.

Program Fees

INR 1,65,200/-


1 years


10th Pass


Surat and Ahmedabad


Graduate Diploma in Jewellery Design & Technology

Career Pathways from this program

Course Structure

  • Jewellery designing manual
  • Orientation
  • Fundamentals of design
  • Sourcing and creating innovative jewellery design
  • Understanding the global jewellery design market Elements and principles of designing
  • Detailed rendering and illustration of gemstones and metals
  • Advance artwork for jewellery design
  • Develop sources of jewellery designing and making
  • Learn illustration and render art
  • Understanding of various precious and semi precious metals
  • Creating portfolio
  • Worldwide market study
  • Computer Aided Jewellery Designing (CAD)
  • Techniques of designing
  • Understanding 3D Models of jewellery
  • Understanding of jewellery settings
  • Building and modifying basic designs and visualizing various, colors and materials of the software
  • Jewellery factory visit
  • Understanding of Matrix 3D Software
  • Understand jewellery manufacturing processes for the creation of jewellery
  • Create photorealistic images of your 3D jewellery designs
  • Jewellery valuation and costing
  • Advance technique of Illustrate shape, form, and texture of metal
  • Understanding of Matrix 3D Software

Course Calendar

Graduate Program in Jewellery Design & Technology – 1 Year

(Jewellery Manual + Jewellery CAD Matrix + Manufacturing Production)
1 20 May, 2024 1 Year 3/2 Hrs
2 10 June, 2024 1 Year 3/2 Hrs
3 19 Aug, 2024 1 Year 3/2 Hrs
4 18 Nov, 2024 1 Year 3/2 Hrs