Accredited Diamond Diploma

(Duration : 24 weeks)
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An Overview of what you will learn

Diamond Graduate is a complete program that offers students a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of diamonds and how the rough and polished diamond market operates worldwide. You will learn all the factors that affect a diamond’s appearance and value.

At the end of course, students will be able to understand the journey of rough and polished on an expert level. During the session, students will get practical experience with natural diamond, synthetic diamond, treated diamonds and mounted jewellery.

Program Fees

INR 1,65,200/-


24 weeks


10th Pass


Surat and Ahmedabad


Diploma Program in Diamond

Program Highlights

  • History of rough diamond
  • Past, present and future of rough diamond world
  • How diamonds are formed
  • Knowledge about diamonds from mines to market
  • How to grade the cut, color and clarity
  • Grading of fancy shape diamond
  • Identification and understanding of various tips of rough
  • Sarine machine operating system
  • Understanding of rough diamond planning and marking
  • Diamond rough identification, characteristics and crystallography (morphology)
  • Rough diamond assortment & grading
  • Rough diamond valuation
  • Rules and regulation of domestic & international diamond market
  • Rough diamond manufacturing process
  • Selling – purchasing, Import – export & market study
  • Visit of diamond manufacturing factory
  • Learn each & everything about diamond
  • Field trip & Factory visits
  • Case study of indian diamond industry
  • Market experience