Gemology Graduate Program

(Duration : 20 weeks)
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An Overview of what you will learn

ISGJ’s Gemology Graduate Program is a highly professional and coveted internationally recognized gemologist title.

You will learn the best hands-on practical gemological experiences during this program. The program will cover various topics like, how to identify gemstones, scientific training and practical learning of gem identification, updates on synthetic, imitation treatments identification, latest information on color enhancements, sources of worldwide gemstones. characteristics of colored stone, method to improve the natural properties of colored stone known as enhancement or treatment.

This program also covers the complete diamond grading and valuation part. Grade diamond in the D-Z color range, diamond grading and identification techniques with a practical session with diamonds of different sizes, colors and clarity, recognize and distinguish between natural, treated and synthetic diamonds and to compare and identify a diamond and its simulants.

Gemology Graduate Program + Polished Diamond Graduate + Jewellery Basic

Program Fees

INR 1,65,200/-


20 weeks


10th Pass


Surat and Ahmedabad


Gemology Graduate – GG

Career Pathways from this program

Program Structure

  • Introduction of gems and gemology
  • Various types of gemstones
  • Using various gem testing instruments to identify gemstones
  • Colored stone grading and valuation
  • Updates on synthetics, imitation and treatment identification
  • Sources of worldwide gemstones
  • Exams and tests
  • Market analysis of colored stones
  • Get professional insight into identification of gem
  • quality factors and where they are mined
  • Learn definitions of gems, and recognize how their beauty, rarity and durability affect their price
  • Learn to identify transparent, translucent and opaque gemstones
  • Differentiate between natural gemstones and their synthetic counterparts
  • Identify simulants by using magnification to observe the internal features within them
  • Understand and detect phenomena in gemstones and study the cause behind each of them
  • Learn the relation between light and gemstone colors, using a dichroscope & Polaris cope
  • Learn to use the refractometer, color filter and various other instruments used to identify gemstones
  • Learn how heat treatment, irradiation, lattice diffusion, dyeing and oil and resin treatments can alter gem appearance and properties
  • Various types of cuts and facets like cabochons, beads and other forms and how they affect the transmission of light
  • Gem and jewellery industry an overview
  • Analysis of prospects of various sectors such as precious or semi precious, diamonds, pearls, synthetic, imitation, jewellery studded and plain gold
  • Determination of origin of gemstones
  • Different styles of cutting and trading gemstones for quality of cutting
  • Gemstones market study and analysis
  • Pricing of gemstones
  • Fieldtrip and exhibition visit