Polished Diamond Graduate

(Duration : 12 weeks)
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An Overview of what you will learn

The Polished Diamond Graduate course is an expert level course for those who require the skills to grade, sort, identify and value diamonds at a professional level. Our expert faculties teach students how to grade diamonds both on par with national and international level and also educate them with local terms and languages used in the diamond market.

Our course will teach you a comprehensive understanding of diamonds and how the global diamond market operates, allowing you to explore new career opportunities or enhance an existing career in the fields of diamond grading, sorting, buying, diamond technology, diamond retail and diamond jewellery making.

Program Fees

INR 88,500/-


12 weeks


10th Pass


Surat and Ahmedabad


Certificate Program in Polished Diamond Graduate

Career Pathways from this program

Program Structure

  • Introduction to world of diamonds
  • Properties of diamonds
  • Diamond mining & formation
  • Worldwide diamond sources
  • Sight holder and diamond market
  • Identification of rough diamonds
  • Manufacturing process from rough diamond to polished diamonds
  • Understanding of the color grading system in diamonds
  • Domestic and international standards of color grading
  • Learn how to assess the color of diamonds
  • Practical color grading
  • Grading system of fancy colored diamonds
  • Fluorescence in diamonds
  • Understanding of diamond grading process
  • The 4c’s of diamond grading
  • Clarity grading of loose diamonds
  • Internal and external features as components of clarity
  • Appearance of inclusions and blemishes
  • Practical grading and QC in studded jewellery
  • Sorting of -2, to grading solitaire
  • Understanding of cut grading
  • Triple X cut in diamond
  • Proportions, polish and symmetry in diamond
  • Methods to measure Proportions
  • Heart & Arrows
  • Recut & Repolish of diamonds
  • Grading of fancy shape diamonds
  • Carat Weight
  • Use of different types weight scales in diamonds
  • Carat and karat
  • Carat and pricing
  • Selection – Rejection
  • Diamond assorting and final assorting
  • Bagging and fluting
  • Measuring diamond through special gauge
  • Operating sieves
  • Handling techniques of instruments & accessories
  • Identification of diamonds
  • Understanding of A.D, moissanite
  • Grading system of Synthetic Diamond
  • HPHT & CVD
  • Identification of synthetic diamond
  • Valuation of synthetic diamond
  • Treatments in diamonds
  • Identification of diamonds
  • Diamond valuation method
  • Mounted jewellery grading system
  • Practical estimation of mounted diamond jewellery
  • Estimation of fancy shaped diamonds
  • Effects of clarity, color, cut and carat on valuation
  • Diamond market visit
  • Diamond factory visit
  • Rapaport & diamond industry
  • Case studies
  • Market analysis
  • Worldwide diamond markets
  • Diamond trading: national & international markets
  • Online marketing / offline marketing
  • Market terms of business
  • Rules & regulation of diamond market
  • Practical & theory examination
  • Diploma awarded
  • Become a member of alumni club
  • Graduation ceremony